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Whether you’re coming in to get a full groom, bath or just nails trimmed, be sure to rest knowing your beloved pet is in safe hands!

We have three salons both offering a comprehensive range of grooming products and services.



29 Chipstead Valley Road

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19 Old Lodge Lane

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394 Sutton Common Road

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Latest News from Top to Tail Salons

What Better way to end a groom than with a cuddle. Blue loves to rest his head on Demi’s shoulder - it’s his little way to say Thank You and we captured this adorable moment on camera 💙

Smise Charlie Smise This pooch knows how to work the camera 📸 Smise in British. or smize. verb. informal. to smile with one's eyes.

Who can touch their tongue with their nose? Bruce can! This gorgeous boy loves to give us a helping lick or two when being groomed 👅 With specialised cat groomers in each of our salons and a bespoke cat room in our Coulsdon location we really do offer a bespoke cat grooming service. From comb outs, to baths or even a lion cut, whatever your cats needs we’ll work hard to meet them.

Mastiff LOVE 💙 Apollo has come to us since he was a pup and what a big boys he’s grown into! He’s one gentle giant and gives extra sloppy kisses 🐶👅

The Thicker the Fluffier 💁🏻‍♀️ It takes dedication from both Charlie’s Hoomans and the team at TTT to keep this wee lad knot free. If you’ve got the patience and time to maintain a coat like Charlie’s we have your back 👊🏻 Using the best natural shampoos and conditioners from our Hownd range we are able to keep the coat in its best condition, making the daily combing ritual that little bit easier for you owners. Coming in regularly for bath and comb outs between grooms also helps 😉

We gave a new lease of life to this old girl 🐶 Holly left Top To Tail brighter than white, wagging her tail and a skip in her step. Holly’s Hoomans were so pleased they gave us a wonderful review! Thank you. We look forward to having you back soon Holly💙

🎓GRADUATION DAY 🎓Congratulations Millie on graduating Puppy University with a first class honours in being a fluff ball with a cuteness overload. She absolutely bossed the university of grooming. We cannot wait to have her back for her big girl grooms 🐶😍 and show the other dogs how it’s done 💅

‘If you’re happy and you know it stick your tongue out...’ It’s clear to see Simba is one happy pup! This fluff ball loves a pampering with our Team and we get all the love and licks 👅

Did you know we do cats?! We have specialised cat groomers in all three of our salons and a bespoke cat room in our Coulsdon locations. Offering everything from comb out to full grooms even the odd bath you’d be surprised not all cats hate water especially when it’s luke warm and comes with a massage 💁🏻‍♀️

This cutie is Cuddles the Yorkie. A simple version of Asian Fusion taking the tradition Yorkie trim into a more practical pet trim keeping some individuality fitting to cuddles personality.

FLOOF! It took a combined 7 hours to bath, condition, fluff-dry and comb out these beauties and it was totally worth it. Zara and Mario went out tails wagging and top knot up 💁🏻‍♀️

February is Dental Health Month 🦷 So, why not ask one of our team about the @emmi_pet? A safe and effective way to maintain your dogs dental hygiene. Keeping their breath fresh and bodies healthy ❤️ Available at our Purley and Sutton Salons 🐾

We were delighted to have Bella and Lenny the ChowChows in with our wonderful stylist Kayleigh. The ChowChow is a breed that is often misunderstood, here Top To Tail we understand every dog is unique and we’ll work with them to ensure they have an enjoyable grooming experience. These two are very much part of the TTT Family ❤️🐾

•ANNOUNCEMENT• Sutton will be CLOSED for servicing on - Wednesday 30th January - We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding. Speak soon, The Top to Tail Team 🐾

•STYLISH AND PRACTICAL• Who said you can’t have both?! Not us! If you want your pooch to have both style and practicality you can take the body shorter and add a bit of flare and cuteness to how their face and head is styled. Especially for the ultra fluffy types 😍🐾

🎓GRADUATION DAY 🎓What better way to start 2019 than graduating from Puppy University! Congratulations Wallis our Old English Sheepdog pup, who is graduating with a first class honours in ALL things grooming. He’s an absolute sweetheart 😍 and is still small enough (for now 😉) to enjoy a full run, jump and cuddle in the arms of our Team on arrival! 🐾

•SAY CHEESE 😁• Emmi-Pet is an effective dental care and mouth hygiene treatment for your doggo. Using proven ultrasound technology Emmi-Pet is a non invasive, motionless and soft teeth cleaning service. Recommendation is to start with 5 weekly/biweekly sessions at £25 each depending on the level of build up. Thereafter, you can add an emmi-pet treatment to your dogs usual groom for maintenance at £28 each session.

Walking into 2019 like...

🥳HAPPY NEW YEAR🥳 Thank you for a wonderful 2018 to all our fluffy friends and their hoomans. Whether you are new to us this year or have spent many a year with us we love having you as part of our Top to Tail Family 💙 We are now back open in all our salons Purley, Sutton and Coulsdon 5 days a week with our fabulous Team ready to pamper your pet this 2019 🐾 From blow drys to Full Transformations, whatever the look our dog, cat and all things fluffy loving Team will be more than happy to get you booked in 👌🏻

•EMMI-PET• @toptotailsalons now offer an effective dental care and mouth hygiene treatment for your pet. Using proven ultrasound technology Emmi-Pet is a non invasive, motionless and soft teeth cleaning service. Ask your stylist today for more details 👌🏻 Individual session start at £28(£25 each on a 5-10 week course)