Full Groom (Hand Stripping)

Full Groom (Hand stripping) package includes:

This Option is best suited to breads with wire haired coats and is designed to keep you pets coat in its natural condition as well as clean and healthy.This is a better option than clipping (which can damage the coat), although takes considerably longer and costs more (Due to the time that is required). 

Hand-stripping is a grooming technique that involves pulling (or plucking) the dead outer coat of wire or rough-coated breeds by hand or with a specialized tool instead of cutting the hair with scissors or clippers. This encourages new, crisp coat to grow in. The process maintains proper coat texture and color in the breeds where it is employed.

  • Hand strip the coat and remove the excess hair with a variety of different tools designed to enhance the coats natural condition
  • Soothing Massage Bath
  • Shampoo & Conditioning
  • Safe fluff drying
  • Full Coat brush out
  • Sanitary clip (At owners request)
  • Gentle Ear Cleaning
  • Nail clipping
  • Teeth brushed & breath freshener

We also provide facial whitening treatments for dogs with tear & food staining at an additional cost of £10 (This is at owners request). Top to Tail Products do NOT contain bleach, peroxide or other harmful agents.

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On average the service will be 2 hours to keep your pets coat healthy and prevent matting. Our prices are based on your pets coat being in reasonable condition, matted coats require more work, therefore an extra charge will be incurred.