Puppy University Package

Grooming is an essential part of most modern dogs lives and their training in learning how to behave while being groomed is just as important as house training and social skills.

Fear or bad behaviour while being groomed can cost you more money and stress in the long run. Puppy University is the perfect package to ensure your Pet gets the perfect start in life!

Enrole from £80

5 introductory sessions to grooming building from socialisation and nail clipping right through to their first full groom. 

  1. Socialisation, Comb Out, Nails
  2. Socialise, Comb Out, Face, Feet and Bottom Trim. 
  3. Socialise, Comb Out, Hygiene Trim (Groin & Armpits), Intro to Dryer/Hydro Noises
  4. Bath & Comb Out 
  5. Full Groom 

* each session builds on the last, and revisits any areas the puppy was less confident with. For example, puppy has ultra ticklish feet we will ask owners to play with the at home and we will do feet at each session, getting them used to it slowly.